City of Shoreview Helps Businesses ‘Think Shoreview’

City of Shoreview Helps Businesses ‘Think Shoreview’ Main Photo

30 Sep 2023


As inflationary concerns, workforce shortages and international crises dominate today’s economic environment, business success is more difficult to obtain than ever. With consistent growth critical to a community’s vitality, the ability of businesses to operate and flourish is a consistent theme for cities nationwide. Thriving enterprises create jobs for residents, increase financial opportunities for all and improve an area’s overall quality of life. Economic development is the process by which those drivers are made possible. 

Economic development departments exist to promote current and future business development in their cities, counties or other entities. They help local leaders with key initiatives and support existing businesses by facilitating workforce advancement while keeping an eye on how to bring new businesses to a community. Economic development departments are adept at marketing and promoting their business area through social media marketing awareness and hosting events. 

The City of Shoreview has had a long history of involvement in economic development. Shoreview’s Economic Development Commission was formed in 1988 as the city began recognizing the importance of proactive economic development. The Shoreview Economic Development Authority (EDA) was established with dedicated staff in 2008 as a formal program with resources directed toward economic development, redevelopment, business attraction/retention and housing.

The city’s economic development programs help forge close links between community and business leaders to help plan for Shoreview’s continued economic, workforce, and community development. Here are the primary ways the city can be a valuable resource to help businesses improve their operations and make the Shoreview community a wonderful place to work and live.

Business Retention and Expansion

The city enthusiastically supports existing businesses because we recognize they are crucial to our local economy. We offer problem-solving services to help them succeed and grow, which can be as simple as offering advice and technical assistance. But we also help companies access public and private financial assistance, such as low-interest loans or bonds not available to the general public, to enable renovations, equipment upgrades or infrastructure improvements. We also make it easy to understand and apply for tax credits and other incentives that help businesses grow. Finally, we recognize the workforce is a business’s lifeblood, so we facilitate training opportunities to help your employees grow with you. 

Attract New Businesses

Attracting new businesses to Shoreview is equally important. The city promotes site selection so that unique assets are available for commercial activity, while ensuring sufficient housing supports the workforce. Our staff actively works with land developers, brokers and agents to determine what business locations the community can establish while promoting properties and buildings they are listing or looking to acquire.

Assistance with workforce development

The city actively seeks to help build a robust, resilient talent pool for Shoreview businesses. Finding skilled workers is a primary challenge for businesses and continuous development is one method to combat shortages. The city works closely with local partners like Ramsey County to help find and maintain a strong local workforce that can support local businesses and their strategies. We also work with local educational institutions to develop the specialized training required for your company.

Marketing and promotion

Economic development organizations are one of the primary marketing vehicles to attract prospective investors and residents. The city promotes Shoreview’s assets and business advantages to create awareness and opportunities. Our access to a network of community leaders and experienced business owners facilitates the strategic planning of local stakeholders to develop long-range community plans.

Think Shoreview

The targeted result of the city’s economic development activities is an improved Shoreview quality of life. Economic development goes hand-in-hand with community development projects such as adequate housing, parks and recreation and downtown initiatives. These projects are part of the continuous circle of improvement for residents and businesses, ensuring continued growth in Shoreview. 

The city can help businesses make the connections to address current stress points standing in the way of their current success. The city has had an economic development focus in the Shoreview community for over 35 years and cares about promoting the quality of life growth in the area. Please contact us today to access our wealth of information and resources to help your business grow.