Shoreview, MN is a distinctive and vibrant community recognized nationally as one of the most desirable places to live, work, and do business.  More than 14,000 people work in Shoreview, many from other areas of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Shoreview is home to both big, Fortune 500 corporations and small, mom-and-pop businesses. With global leaders and startups calling Shoreview home, our workforce can choose the right fit for their individual career goals.>

Shoreview is an excellent place to live and work. 

Just 10-minutes to downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Shoreview consistently receives some of the highest quality of life rankings in the Twin Cities region and was named by Family Circle Magazine as one of the “Ten Best Towns in America to Raise a Family.” With 1,400-acres of green space, many people choose to live and work in Shoreview because it is a beautiful and peaceful, while still offering easy access to big city amenities. 

Workers have an easy commute into Shoreview. 

Many of Shoreview’s businesses recruit from the Twin Cities and Wisconsin - both of which offer an easy commute. 

Shoreview is accessible via two interstates and a county highway, the area is also served by Metro Transit services, connecting it to other communities throughout the metropolitan area. 

Shoreview is ideal for anyone who travels for work.

Shoreview is also close to the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, which is about 20 minutes away. Anyone who needs to travel for work benefits from fast access to an airport that serves 135 non-stop destinations. Meeting customers and getting back home has never been easier. 

It’s easy to be a telecommuter in Shoreview. 

Telecommuting or working from home at least part time has become incredibly popular. Many businesses are offering this as an incentive when attracting top talent, while others are moving to a work from home model. For those businesses and telecommuters, Shoreview is an ideal location. Our broadband access makes it possible to stream content, attend virtual meetings and get the job done remotely.