Shoreview Business Peer Advisory Group

What is a Peer Advisory Group? 

A peer advisory group is when multiple business owners regularly meet with the single purpose of helping each other succeed. The group, along with an experienced facilitator, will generally involve monthly meetings either in-person (or virtually) where members take turns discussing their challenges and receiving advice and accountability.

In addition, the facilitator will schedule private, one-on-one or virtual consultations between each business owner. This will help the facilitator learn more about each participant and strengthen the individual plans that are outlined in the group setting.

A peer advisory board can serve as a trusted space to receive unbiased feedback on topics like finances, marketing, sales, personnel, or products/service launches.

Finding creative solutions to business problems is key to longevity, and an advisory board can provide trusted advice. Your fellow members have no agenda other than helping you. On the other hand, the feedback you receive
from employees, family, or even hired consultants could be colored by their relationship to you.

There are many advantages to being on a peer group, including:

  • To hold members accountable to their goals.
  • Provides a safe haven to speak exactly what is on your mind without fear of judgement.
  • Business owners always have to filter what they say because they are normally talking to potential customers, current customers, employees, spouses or partners.

How do I Sign Up?

Does this free program for Shoreview Business owners sound like something that you would like to join for you and your business? Click the button below to apply! 



Are you interested but you have a few questions? Please reach out Dean Howard, who will be running the group. Dean is a Shoreview resident, member of the Economic Development Commission, SCORE volunteer, and experienced business coach.