A growing, vibrant community

23 Mar 2020

Why do businesses and residents choose to call Shoreview “home”? Could it be because of the nationally-ranked public school options? How about the abundance of green space, parks, lakes and trails? Maybe it’s because of the convenient location and close proximity to downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul? 
The answer to these is “Yes!” We know because we have the data, which tells us not only why the people of Shoreview love our community, but it also tells us who they are: their age, ethnicity, education level and more. 

You also can see how they commute to their jobs and what methods they use to do so, what kind of housing they live in, and what the median home price is. 
The comprehensive data we have helps supports the fact that Shoreview is a growing and thriving community. See the data for yourself and click here.