Business Education Series: Hiring Revolution: How DEI Can Address Staffing Shortages

January 13 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Time: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Join us for the 2022 Business Education Series in partnership with the cities of RosevilleShoreview and Maplewood, where we deliver educational programing geared towards business - large or small - for training and development.

Join us for a virtual event where team Dynamics’ co-founders Trina C. Olson + Alfonso T. Wenker lay out the 6-part process outlined in their new book, Hiring Revolution: A Guide to Disrupt Racism + Sexism in Hiring. They’ll share what they have done to find and hire teams of people that are incredibly diverse – across race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious tradition, age, ability, ethnicity, immigration experience, and more. Hiring Revolution is an invitation to stop, start, do more of, do less of, and do differently. It is a purposefully tactical approach to hiring the team you claim you want.

Through a thoughtful reimagining of team building, you will begin the process of reckoning with all the times and places where your hiring intent (find “the best” “most qualified” workers) did not ultimately match your impact (inadvertently convincing yourself that white male workers were the best choice). The session explores small, medium, and large shifts that can transform your hiring practices toward a more equitable way of doing business. The session does not spend time pointing out everything done wrong in hiring days past – the Hiring Revolution session will identify specific problems and pair each with a viable solution you could start implementing today.

Learning Objectives:
*Understand how current hiring best practice produces racist and sexist results
*Learn new tools to disrupt individual and group race/gender bias when hiring
*Explore a revolutionized approach to hiring to truly achieve your race/gender hiring diversity goals

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