Your Business Could Be Featured in the City of Shoreview’s Newsletter

Your Business Could Be Featured in the City of Shoreview’s Newsletter Main Photo

13 Mar 2024

A brand-new newsletter featuring city news, updates, and programs just launched this month from the City of Shoreview! The e-newsletter Business Matters, which you can sign up for here, also hopes to feature local Shoreview businesses each month to promote local economic development. See how your business can get featured and what else is in store for the City of Shoreview this year.

How to Get Featured

If you’re interested in having your business featured in Shoreview’s newsletter, you can send the City an email with the subject line “Business Spotlight.” Be sure to include the name of your business and the best way to contact you!

We Would Love to Visit Your Business

Another way the City supports local businesses is by offering them a Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) visit. A BRE visit from City representatives is a great way to share your issues and concerns that are important for your success and for us to learn more about your business needs.  These BRE visits allow economic development professionals to visit and connect with businesses in the Shoreview community to form relationships, encourage open communication, and provide you with information and resources available to help.. When businesses participate in BRE visits, Shoreview staff can better gain insights into what local businesses need to succeed in the long term. Gathering this information helps Shoreview understand the challenges business owners are facing and improve the support of local government.  A visit from the City to your business will typically include one or two members of the Shoreview staff along with the mayor or a city council member, and a volunteer member of the economic development commission.

A Business Retention and Expansion Visit is a helpful tool for growth and lasting success. If you would like to schedule a visit from the City, please contact Community Development Director Tom Simonson at

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Shoreview is a place that residents and businesses love to call home! Launching a monthly e-newsletter is part of Shoreview’s commitment to fostering a connected, growing community.

Through BRE visits and beyond, Shoreview is proactively working to provide support and partners for the success of local projects. The City has delivered long-term financial stability and a commitment to partnering with new and existing businesses. Shoreview has positioned its services as a one-stop shop for business support. Whether you need to network, find resources, or expand your business, the City of Shoreview is here to help.

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