Industry Profiles

The largest industries in Shoreview are manufacturing, healthcare, and professional services. In addition, our technology clusters are growing and taking advantage of the rapid growth in Minnesota's technology sector.

All of Shoreview’s businesses benefit from the ability to recruit top-tier talent graduating from the region’s universities or currently working for one of the many global companies located in the Twin Cities. In addition, Shoreview offers workers the ability to live close to work, send children to a top school district and enjoy immediate access to bike trails and over 1,400 acres of green space - all things that make it easier for local companies to hire the best workforce. 

Our location is also a strategic advantage for the industries located here. Manufacturing companies, for example, benefit from our easy interstate and rail access. Healthcare companies can serve regional clients in one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. Simultaneously, professional services and technology companies can use the MSP airport to reach customers throughout the country and the world. 

Many technology and manufacturing companies require a lot of power to operate. Shoreview’s utility rates are 90 percent of the national average, creating a potential cost savings as well.

Shoreview’s Top Industries


tech iconTechnology companies, especially B2B, are finding that a location in Shoreview offers incredible access to potential customers. The Twin Cities region is growing at a rapid pace, with business expansion and startups being announced almost on a weekly basis. With Shoreview being equidistant from the downtowns of Minneapolis and St. Paul, businesses located here can easily reach prospects and use Shoreview as a launch pad from which to grow.

Simultaneously, there is great support for the technology sector in the region, with financial incentives, tax breaks, loans and grants available.

High-tech, bio-tech, med-tech, and fin-tech companies also benefit from the large number of regional universities churning out tech talent. With workforce recruitment being a top priority in the tech industry, the ability to pull from thousands of graduates each year is an incredible convenience.

Shoreview’s bio-tech and med-tech companies include Bio-Ocean (a creator of immunoassay products), TORAX Medical, Dymedix Diagnostics, and Hill-Rom Corporation (Med Tech).

Shoreview’s high-tech companies include Seimens (Digital, High Tech) - a global technology leader, PaR Systems - a leader in robotics, TSI, Incorporated - a global leader in precision measurement technology, and Aspect Automation - builds custom automated manufacturing equipment for life sciences, consumer products, and industrial products. 


manufacturing iconHistorically, Shoreview has had a strong manufacturing cluster. Companies like Cummins Power are located in Shoreview. This diesel and alternative fuel engines and generators manufacturer has continued to grow in the area. Westinghouse Electric Corporation is also located in Shoreview. They manufacture a wide range of products that are used in people’s homes and businesses.

Our manufacturing sector thrives because of the ability to easily move products throughout the country, while still having the ability to recruit from a large labor shed that incorporates Minnesota and Wisconsin.


healthcare iconShoreview’s healthcare sector is growing and includes established medical providers, home health care companies and startups. Growing healthcare, bio-tech and med-tech companies often leverage each other’s expertise and the proximity to one another to create additional opportunities.

The University of Minnesota has one of the best medical schools in the country and with a location in the Twin Cities, they produce a steady stream of recent graduates who can work in Shoreview’s healthcare sector.

Professional Services

pro services iconBoth professional and financial service companies are growing in Shoreview. Companies like the Deluxe Corporation have experienced great success here while growing their national brand. Wells Fargo also has a major presence in Shoreview.

These companies are growing in Shoreview because our region has the talent they need to grow and the transportation access they need to reach customers and offices nationwide.